SERPSTAT Keyword Spy Tool Review

How SERPSTAT stacks up in the Competitor Keyword Spy Tool Suites

While the ‘basic’ keyword tools like the Google Keyword Planner allow you to simply enter a competitors url and get a list of keywords Google decided the site was targeting’…

...Competitor Spy Tools’ like SERPSTAT do a lot more…. 

Billed as an “SEO/SEM and PPC keyword research suite,” SERPSTAT serves up everything marketers seeking traffic from Google’s organic search engine rankings and and pay per click advertising need.

SERPSTAT offers not only a free trial, but also, a free ‘limited’ account. If you decide not to upgrade your plan, you can still use SERPSTAT with ‘limits’ on some of the research.


The Suite begins with your basic ‘enter your seed keyword’ interface… with the option to choose the country you want to start your research with…

Once you enter your main keyword, choose the country you want to do your research in, and click the ‘Search’ button, you’ll come to the ‘Overview’ of the research…

For this review, I decided to use the seed keyword from “The Self Care Case Study” since I was working on that anyway.

SERPSTAT Keyword Research and Competitor Spy Tool Review- Results Overview

Overview gives us the search volum of the main keyword, a ‘competition score,’ a CPC, and a ‘difficulty’ rating between 1-100. It also shows us the first 5 ‘organic keywwords,’ related keywords, and the first 5 of however many ‘paid keywords it finds.

Trends – Interest over time.

Keyowrd Difficulty 1-100 expansion including: Number of main pages in

SERP; Number of Domains with the Keyword in title; and Number of Pages with a Keyword in title.

The Top 10 Competing pages for the keyword, along with a ‘SERPSTAT Trust Rank,’ a SERPSTAT Page Rank, the # of external backlinks, and the # of referring domains, for each competing page.

A list of competitors in organic searc

Competitors in Graph

Competitors in Ads

Ads Examples

And that’s just the Overview!

If you look to the sidebar navigation, you’ll see that you can drill down into SEO Research, PPC Research, Content Marketing, and SERP Analysis… 

If you expand on any of these, you’ll then be presented with a list of even more ways to dig into your research. 

SEO Research
Keyword Selection
Related Keywords – *not available on free plans
Search Suggestions – has ‘tags’ for ‘Most popular Words’
Top Pages

PPC Research
Ad Examples
Ad Research

Content Marketing 
This is one of my favorite features of the SERPSTAT keyword research and competitor spy tool. It includes the Most Popular Words tags like in the ‘Search Suggestions’ section of the SEO Research tab, and it also gives you a list of questions about your seed keyword that you can use for content creation ideas for your site. 

SERP Analysis 
The Serp Analysis is a selection of the top 100 Google results in organic and paid search for the keyword you’re interested in.

SERPSTAT Keyword Research Tool Review Once you’ve completed your keyword research for SEO and PPC, SERPSTAT then offers a few more tools you can use to either spy on even more competitors, or keep track of your own sites performance.

How does SERPSTAT’S Pricing Compare To Similar Tools?

UberSuggest – Free

SEM Rush –  $99 per month

SERPSTAT – $69.00 per month

How Does The Data Stack Up?

Ok, so this is where I had some concerns about SERPSTAT… not only was the search volume reported for the keyword I used in this review, the majority of the “Example Ads” that SERPSTAT showed me didn’t have anything at all to do with the keyword I was targeting.

In the grand scheme of things, I used several keyword research tools and competitive intelligence tools to map out my website business plan, so as a ‘free’ tool, if nothing else, it gives me additional ideas for keywords, ads, content and more.

And if I needed a ‘paid’ tool and my budget didn’t allow for more than SERPSTAT’s ‘least expensive,’ $69.00 package, then yes, I would invest in it.

Should YOU invest in it?

So far, I like SERPSTAT as a keyword research and competitor spy tool. Even a free account allows you to access data that you can cross reference with other keyword research and competitive intelligence tools like UberSuggest and SEM Rush.

How SerpStat stacks up against other tools really comes down to the experience level of the user.

Marketers with no research or data analysis skills, would be best served by sticking with the 100% free UberSuggest and SEM Rush’s ‘free with daily limits’ tools along with the more basic keyword research tools.

Try SERPSTAT out for yourself…

If you have any questions, or comments, about SERPSTAT, leave a comment below.

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