Case Study: The Self Care Niche, Part 1

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It was through a personal trial that I stumbled across the term, ‘self care,’ and as a marketer, recognized it as a possible niche marketing opportunity. 

Plus, thanks to the help of a few outstanding resources, I already have a ‘hook,’  (more on that later.)

And after some minimal market, niche and keyword research, I decided to go forward with creating a niche site for the audience, and to make it a case study for you at the same time.

Business Models


The first thing I want to do is determine the best way, or ways, to monetize this niche market.

Here are just a few of the options…

  • Publisher (Advertising, either PPC or Display ad sales)
  • Affiliate Products (Amazon, Clickbank, CPA offers)
  • Create a Product
  • Membership site.

Another consideration is the ‘mixed model.’ A mixed model would be a site that is monetized with both AdSense ads and affiliate products, or any other combination of monetization strategies.

I’m about 87% confident that at the very least, the AdSense model will be profitable… especially with the ‘hook,’ I’ve got…

About that hook…

“Self care” is not always so easily understood. This is especially true for people who actually ‘need’ it. That need stems from a ‘lack of self care,’ and that lacking usually comes from just ‘not knowing what it is.’

Phrases like ‘you have to take care of you,’ and ‘you have to put yourself first,‘ that are usually associated with ‘self care,’ are very easily misunderstood as ‘selfish.’

Some people actually think it’s an excuse to be selfish.

Yet, to some other people it can come across as “Am I not good enough?” This is especially true when the phrases ‘just work on you,’ or ‘work on yourself’ are used in place of ‘give yourself come self care.’

And it was when I started following Dr. Joe Beam, an infidelity counselor that I learned the acronym…


I don’t know if Dr. Beam coined this ‘phrase’ or not, but I do know that once I learned it… the definition self care was finally clear to me.

Though I didn’t coin P.I.E.S. I did expand on it, as I did coin

The 4 Pillars of Self Care.”

That’s what P.I.E.S. is… the acronym stands for Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual… and P.I.E.S. saved my life.

So that’s my ‘hook,‘… and now it’s time to start ‘

The Research Process.’

Choosing the right model, or mix of models, is going to start with research.

Keyword & Product Research to be specific.

And it is a process… so I think it’s going to better if I show it to you in a video, rather than trying to explain it all in writing. For those of you who are like me, groaning at the thought of sitting through some long, boring video… don’t worry, I talk pretty fast.

.Click here for Part 2 – The Keywords and Products Research Video…

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