Keyword Research-Beyond the keywords

Keyword Treasures Aren’t Numbered

When you’re doing keyword research, what are you looking for?

Is it high search volume and low organic competition?

Listen to your marketIf it is, then you’re doing your SEO right… as far as I know anyway. Of course, since I’m no ‘expert’ (or even a novice) about ‘search engine optimzation,’ I guess that doesn’t mean much coming from me… but, hey, if you think it’s good, then pat yourself on the back! You’re doing a good job.

Now let me ask you another question...

Are you looking for anything else?

If you said “Low cost-per-click keywords’… then I can definitely say you’re doing a good job… and I’m even qualified to give you that pat on the back with ‘authority.’

Here’s what I’m looking for…

I’ve noticed that when it comes to ‘keywords’ and ‘keyword research’… SEO and PPC are the only things anyone is ever talking about.

And if that’s all ‘most people’ are interested in, then that’s great news for us!

If ‘most’ marketers are only looking for SEO and PPC… well then they are leaving A LOT of ‘Money on the table,’…

Hidden underneath all that talk of header tags, and keyword density, and backlinks, are… the ‘words.’

I’m talking about ‘language.’ Vernacular. Emotion.

I’m talking about what ‘the market’ (your customers) say.. and ‘how’ they say it.

  • Do you have a USP?

    If not, ‘listen’ to these words… they’ll tell you what it is.

  • Have you figured out your brand yet?If not, listen to these words… they’ll show what your brand is.

  • Do you wonder if you’re pricing your products correctly?

    If so… then my first suggestion to you is to do keyword rese
    arch, without looking at the words like they’re numbers.

Words are how we human mammals communicate our needs, our wants… our emotions… specifically, our ’emotional hot buttons,’… those ‘feelings’ that ‘drive’ our decisions.

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